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R9 U Series Faceplate (UXM)
R Series


R Series

R9 UXM (side view)

This roll-down is the most common size for the U.S. market.

For sending the credit pulses, choose from Optic sensing (UXI), Optic sensing with an Electronic/Multiplier board (UXI-EM), or optional credit switch (UXM).

The R9 Series UXI-EM multi-coin roll-down comes with an electronic multiplier/pricing board. The board turns a single coin roll-down into a multi-coin roll-down. Here are some features that the UXI-EM board offers:

  • Can be set to handle pricing before sending a start pulse to your machine.
  • DIP switch programmable
  • Covers over the DIP switches to protect board from unforgiving environment
  • Labels on wires for easy installation
  • Overpayment option
  • Pulse length is DIP switch programmable for several pulse lengths
  • Multiplier is DIP switch programmable for different valued coins
  • Vend amount is DIP switch programmable for up to 63 times the lower currency coin
  • Operator feedback via a bright LED for power on and pulse output indication
  • Remote mountable
  • Operates with 12-24 Volt DC or AC power
  • Sealed Dip Switches
  • Circuitry protected from power surges, shorts or incorrect wiring
  • Available with several different coin exit options designed to align with many coin boxes.
  • Coated electronics for moist environments

A lockout is optional for this roll-down. A lockout returns the coins to the customers if the power to the machine is turned off.

Easy to install

Here are some of the features that come standard on all of our UXM’s

  • Built to withstand a dirty environment
  • Enclosed coin races provide protection from unforgiving environment
  • Synthetic housing and stainless steel virtually eliminates corrosion
  • Standard stainless steel faceplate
  • Coin return button for clearing lodged coins
  • Lockout (optional)

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