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IMONEX® Z3 Series
Z3 Series
Front/side view of Z3 Series acceptor with credit switch
Z3 Series
Back view of Z3 Series acceptor with protective cover over the credit switch
Z3 Series
Front/side view of 3 single-coin with EM board & optics
Z3 Series
Front/side view of Z3 single-coin with EM board & optics (covers over the DIP switches)
Z3 Series
Front/side view of Z3 single-coin with EM board & optics (DIP switches showing)

The IMONEX® Z3 Series is used for car washes, vacuums, coin meters, fragrance machines/dispensers, floor mat machines, and many more coin-operated applications.

The IMONEX® Z3 Series stands out from the rest of the manual coin acceptors because it is built in one single piece; where other acceptors use three different pieces for funneling, accepting, and then exiting coins. Since the IMONEX® Z3 is just one piece; this eliminates any coin jams or alignment problems.

For single-coin use only or with the quarter/token being the same value, you will use the IMONEX® Z3 acceptor. For multi-coin use or with the quarter/token having different values, you will need to use the IMONEX® Z32 acceptor.

If someone jams your acceptor with something non-related to coins, don’t worry, the IMONEX® Z3 Series is very easy to open up and clear out. More than half the acceptor will open up for a very easy cleaning.

The IMONEX® Z3 Series works without moving parts, eliminating rockers/cradles and the need for any adjustment or maintenance.

IMONEX® has the only car wash multi-coin acceptor with coin return capabilities.

The Z3 Series comes with a credit switch or with an Electronic/Multiplier board (EM board) and optics. The Z3 EM board and optics does not have a credit switch, so you will not have to deal with any switch related service calls.

The Electronic/Multiplier board (EM board) with optics is coated in two different ways. The board is either dipped or conformal coated. If the board is dipped, then it is virtually waterproof. Dipped boards are recommended for self-serve bays. A conformal coated board gives the board protection against moisture and humidity, but is not waterproof. Conformal coated boards are recommended for vacuums, fragrance machines, and anything other than self-serve bays.

All Z3 Series come with anti-stringing features.

It is available with 2 inch or 3 inch faceplates.

The IMONEX® Z3 Series is offered with a mechanical switch or with optics. If you choose to use optics, which will eliminate any mechanical switch problems, it will come with our Electronic/Multiplier board (EM board). Both will only accept single-coins or two coins sharing the same value.

A lockout is optional for many of our coin acceptors. A lockout returns the coins to the customers if the power to the machine is turned off.

Easy to install

Here are some of the features that come standard on all Z3’s

  • Coin return button
  • Patented, IMONEX,® no moving parts, manual coin processing system
  • Processes damaged coins; dramatically reduces coin-related service calls and machine downtime
  • Models available to accept U.S. or international coins/tokens
  • Ends alignment problems
  • Integrated anti-stringing coin race
  • Engineered and built for world markets
  • Ends rust problems
  • Available with 2" or 3" stainless steel face plate
IMONEX® Z3 Series with Electronic/Multiplier board (EM Board) and optics

IMONEX® Z3 Series with a credit switch

IMONEX® Z32 Series coin acceptor