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Imonex ClearToken Guide!
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Imonex ClearToken

Multi-coin + Integrated Smartphone Payment Technology

Enhance the customer experience with Imonex ClearToken’s cutting-edge payment solution — the industry’s only hybrid multi-coin smartphone pay coin drop.

In addition to quarters, dollar coins and tokens, the smartphone’s built-in Bluetooth technology can now be employed to speed customers through vended transactions while providing operators a cost efficient gateway to build and track revenue.

Designed to accommodate new machines and retrofits, the hybrid model combines multiple payment formats in the simplicity of a coin drop while avoiding burdensome external devices and network infrastructure.

At the heart of this integrated coin drop model is the EM3 controller boasting multi-coin and smartphone pay capabilities along with built-in coin + phone telemetry to audit all machine revenue activity in real-time.

The hybrid model is designed with built-in redundancy to operate with multi-coin and phone pay functioning in tandem or independently — providing extra peace of mind with a backup format in place.

Watch It!


Customers rely on Imonex dependability to deliver excellence in payments. That tradition of unsurpassed quality continues as Imonex ClearToken brings smartphone pay to your amusement devices.

Operators simply key in a virtual token purchase onto a customer’s smartphone downloaded with the ClearToken mobile app in exchange for cash or processed via their own merchant account and they’re ready to play at your restaurant, theater or game room.

Imonex ClearToken adds to the fun without slowing ’em down. Over-the-counter loading is easily transacted with game enthusiasts who intuitively spend virtual tokens just like those traditionally machine-dispensed, but now with simple taps to their smartphone screen. This unique app allows players to share tokens while affording parents complete control over game use by children.

With ClearToken’s “Use and Lose” technology, game device payment is triggered and securely transacted without a credit card terminal via a single-use, randomly-generated 8-character code.

The Imonex ClearToken hybrid controller shown here outputs both coin and smartphone pay to normally open and common wiring just as before with No Secondary Controller — all backed by full accountability for each coin insertion and every app-based virtual token redemption.