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Welcome to Imonex Services Inc.

IMONEX® Acceptors for Vending, Music, Soda Machines and moreIMONEX® has served the vending industry since 1982 and is known for having the most reliable coin acceptor on the market. IMONEX® offers several different types of coin acceptors that can fit into your machine. IMONEX® coin acceptors have less coin jams than any other mechanical coin acceptor because it has no moving parts; it even accepts bent or damaged coins. So if you want to increase your machines revenue by reducing your machines downtime; IMONEX® has the product for you.

Model 520IMONEX® acceptors are used in all types of machines in the vending industry, which include: bill changers, soda machines, cigarette machines, amusement, vending machines, and many more.

ACMR IMONEX® provides coin mechs, coin acceptors / rejecters, coin validators, conversion kits, channel assemblies, for full line vending, soda, cigarette, and more.

Models for the vending industry:
  • 3-Coin coin mech
  • Model 520
  • ACMR
  • Escrow

IMONEX® 3 Coin (coin mech)

IMONEX® Conversion Kits

IMONEX® U.S. Dollar coin/quarter Conversion Kit