Where Coin Pay Meets Phone Pay

Multi-coin + Integrated Smartphone Payment Technology. Enhance the customer experience with Imonex ClearToken’s cutting-edge payment solution - the industry’s only hybrid multi-coin smartphone pay coin drop. In addition to quarters, dollar coins and tokens, the smartphone’s built-in Bluetooth technology can now be employed to speed customers through vended transactions while providing operators a cost efficient gateway to build and track revenue.


Tradition and cutting-edge come together as the multi-coin drop is paired with a smartphone’s built-in Bluetooth technology to deliver virtual token credits for a speedy wash day.

The Smart

Satisfy residents while streamlining collections with coin plus smartphone pay solutions where laundry room transactions and complete auditing are just a tap away.


Add fun without slowing them down by enabling game enthusiasts to spend virtual tokens just like machine-dispensed ones - only now with taps to their smartphone screen.

Bluetooth in
the Bay

Virtual tokens and brass tokens. Dollar coins and quarters. Drive bay sales with hybrid acceptors integrating smartphone technology and The Legend in Coin Flow.


Say goodbye to swipes, scans and near-field, and say hello to a smarter and less expensive way to vend where Bluetooth phone pay is backed by dual coin acceptance.


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