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Find out for yourself why companies demand Imonex®.

IMONEX® has served the amusement industry for decades and is known for having the most reliable coin acceptors on the market. IMONEX® offers several different types of coin acceptors for your coin acceptance needs.

At the heart of IMONEX® is our patented, manual coin processing system. Based on the principle of inventive geometry, it works without rockers/cradles or electronics. It does not require adjustment or maintenance and is designed to withstand years of abuse and extreme weather. The IMONEX® field-proven system substantially reduces coin jams while providing higher rates of valid coin acceptance, including the processing of bent coins. The result is dramatic reduction in coin related service overhead for higher operator profit.

Models are available for single-coin or multi-coin use. Accepts multi-coins in one coin slot. No need for two acceptors side-by-side.

All IMONEX® coin acceptors virtually accept all international coins.

IMONEX® acceptors offer several credit options: credit switch, optics, or an Electronic/Multiplier board (EM Board) with optics.

Fast coin insertions do not jam the coin drop.

A lockout is optional for many of our coin acceptors. A lockout returns the coins to the customers if the power to the machine is turned off.

Models for the amusement industry:

IMONEX® V9 Series

IMONEX® V92 Series

IMONEX® R9 Series

    IMONEX® R9 C Series faceplate
    IMONEX® R9 U Series faceplate

IMONEX® Z9 Series

IMONEX® Z92 Series

IMONEX® C4 Series

IMONEX® C5 Series

V9 Series

V92 Series

R9 Series

R9 Series

Z92 Series