FAQ: Amusement

Where can I install Imonex acceptors?

Imonex multi-coin acceptors are compatible with many manufactured amusement devices, including arcade and crane games and batting cages.

What makes Imonex coin acceptors better than competitors?

Imonex coin acceptors have fewer coin jams and coin-related service calls in the field than any other product in the market and are the hardest to cheat.

Do Imonex acceptors replace coin slides?


Can I modify my Imonex acceptor in the field?

Imonex custom designs and manufactures each product with your desired coin and/or token acceptance. The cost for dual coin and dual token vs dual coin capability is very modest and should be considered prior to purchase.

Do Imonex acceptors have to be reprogrammed?

No. Unlike competitors’ electronic models, Imonex products are custom-designed at the factory for your desired coin and/or token acceptance. There is no programming or reprogramming.

What are the advantages of tokens?

Tokens have proven over time to:

  • Deter theft
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Enhance profits with tokens “walking away”
  • Promote brand identity

How many different coins or tokens can I accept?

Imonex can supply models to accept up to two coins and two tokens of the same value.

What are the most common coin/token combinations?

Dollar coin and quarter is popular, as well as dollar coin plus dollar-valued token plus quarter.

Can I have my token valued at something other than a quarter or a dollar?

Yes. If your Imonex acceptors are token-only, you can designate a value to each token. For example, a quarter-valued token and a $2-valued token. Similarly, with coin/token acceptors, you can a designate different value on the larger token provided it was designed to block or reject dollar coins. For example, accepting quarters and $2-valued tokens or, alternatively, quarters, quarter-valued tokens and $2-valued tokens.

What token sizes are recommended?

Token diameters include:

The US and Canadian quarter are both .950-inch in diameter. The .882, .900 and .984 are close in diameter to the quarter and a suitable quarter-value token.

The US dollar and Canadian dollar (Loonie) both measure 1.044 inches in diameter. The 1.012, 1.073 and 1.125 are close in diameter to the dollar and a suitable dollar-value token.

Note that the .984 token has historically been employed in the amusement industry. It is recommended to research your market as part of the token selection process.

Are US dollar coins the same size as Canadian Loonie dollars?

Yes. Each US dollar series minted since the 1970s (the Susan B. Anthony, Sacagawea and Presidential) are the same diameter as the Canadian Loonie.

Will my Imonex acceptor designed for the US dollar also take the Canadian dollar?


Can I accept the Canadian $1 Loonie, $2 Toonie and quarter?

No. Your Imonex acceptor can only be designed for up to two valued coins.

Will I need a new bill changer to dispense different coins or tokens?

Many changer models are designed to dispense a variety of coin and token diameters. Others may require new hoppers or parts. In some instances, a new changer may be required to payout your desired coins or tokens.

Do coins and tokens inserted in an Imonex acceptor fall into the same money box?

Yes they do. High speed electric sorters can be employed after collection to separate coins and tokens quickly and easily for recirculation or bank depositing.

Will coins or tokens be accepted if power is off at the machine?

Imonex acceptors ordered with a factory-installed lockout (where compatible) will block insertion at the inlet if power to the machine is off.

What is the warranty?

Imonex products come with a one-year limited warranty beginning on the date of shipment from Imonex. The warranty does not include vandalism.

What is Imonex’s non-warranty return policy?

We understand our standard of care goes beyond the initial purchase of Imonex coin acceptors.
In an effort to provide consistent service, we have made some changes in the way we will continue to process product returned to Imonex, whether for repair or cleaning:
  • All product returned to Imonex will require an Imonex issued RMA number PRIOR to being shipped. At this time, an Imonex associate may ask for an up to date credit card. This will be placed on file to cover repair and shipping costs.
  • All products still under warranty will be processed as a no charge. *Please note there are some instances, such as vandalism, that cannot be covered by Imonex Warranty.
  • All products no longer covered by warranty will incur a minimum half hour labor charge. This is standard for all repairs and cleaning.
Our sales department is eager to answer any of your questions. Should you need further assistance, please email them at sales@imonex.com or call 800-446-2719.

Does Imonex provide free loaners?

While Imonex does not provide a temporary replacement, should an acceptor become damaged or vandalized, we suggest a backup unit in your parts inventory to use while repairs are performed.

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