Laundry: Dexter Laundry

Imonex Laundry Products

Dexter washers and dryers can be fitted with Imonex coin and token acceptors in minutes

Optic sensing and a built-in electronic multiplying board send pulses to satisfy the vend price countdown with each higher and lower denomination coin or token inserted into the single inlet.

Imonex Coin & Token Acceptor


  • Customer-friendly single slot inlet
  • Precision-crafted to validate up to four desired coin/token combinations with two values
  • “PLUG ’N PAY” installation on most models
  • Compatible on all Dexter models by changing harness
  • US and World coinage acceptance options
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Removable oversize inlet stop for dollar tokens or dollar coins
  • Laser faceplate etching
  • External security plate
  • Internal “anti-cheat”
  • Coin inlet lockout solenoid
  • Mechanical switch operation

Standard Features

  • Highly reliable optical coin sensing protected by custom-injected non-opaque housing
  • Electronic multiplying board with pricing up to 63 times value
  • Adjustable dip switches for pulses per coin, number of coins to start, pulse width and overpayment
  • Enclosed coin races protected from lint and dust
  • No moving parts
  • Easy open design for cleaning
  • Synthetic housing and stainless steel virtually eliminates corrosion
  • Water resistant coating on electronics and waterproof dip switch boots
  • Labeled wires
  • Operates with 12-24 volt DC or AC power 
  • Attractive stainless steel faceplate
  • Coin return button
Imonex Coin & Token Acceptor
Imonex Laundry
Imonex Coin & Token Acceptor