What’s kickin’ at the kiosk?

  Laundromat pay kiosks have been around for decades.  What began with the simple push-pull of a coin slide spitting out wafer-thin wash tickets graduated to ones and fives being exchanged [...]


Making bank at the dryer bank

Dryer pricing resembles limbo dancing: Lower the minutes and you might take a tumble. The bar sure isn’t set very high when it comes to minutes-per-quarter on a 30-pounder. So I’ll ask: How low [...]


Time for your own money system?

  If there were any lingering doubts as to how big a role coin plays in the laundromat business, then the pandemic surely put those to rest.  In June, just as self-service laundry traffic [...]


Laundromats crack the code

  Laundromats have finally cracked the code on getting more people to use them: Bring the store to their front door. That’s right, put the laundromat at the welcome mat. Picking up and [...]


The two coin solution

  The laundromat industry’s long overdue move from quarter-only to dual coin pay appears to be taking hold. Dollar coin acceptance is up six percentage points and now ranks as the third most [...]


Dollar coins in laundry make sense

(This edited article originally appeared in the June 2019 issue of Coin Laundry News) Coin is the first name of the Coin Laundry Association and synonymous with our industry. Every year, CLA’s [...]


Tokens? You gotta be jokin’

Coinless pay at every washer and dryer. Credit card friendly. Big bill bonuses. In-and-out collections. All topped by a sweet float. Sounds appealing? Get ready for the year 1984. That’s right, [...]

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