FAQ: Laundry

Do dollar coin or token formats work in unattended laundries?

Yes. Browse the case studies in the Get To Know Us section of the website and pay particular attention to those best resembling your own laundry and desired goals.

Which machines can be fitted for multi-coin acceptance?

Multi-coin acceptance is available on all popular brands of computer timer front load washers and large capacity dryers, as well as selected mechanical timer models. A variety of top loaders can also be fitted with new multi-coin drops.

Due to design of some brands, installation may require some metal cutting and/or additional components. Distributors or professional independent service contractors can assist.

I hear a lot about loyalty card and credit card systems. Why should I consider dollar coin and token formats?

Providing customers different payment options is good business, but at what price tag to the operator? Coin remains the dominant and preferred payment method. Dollar coins improve upon a format patrons are comfortable with.

Token formats offer the option of single point credit card acceptance at a fraction of the cost of card reader systems. The intuitive nature of self-service, token-operated stores does not require staffing or one-on-one patron assistance like other coinless laundries. Tokens can create a buzz and build loyalty that is budget-friendly.

I’m not sure my customers can adapt. How can I proceed?

An easy way to become acquainted with new multi-coin drops and their acceptance of higher denomination coins or tokens is to start by converting a pair of a store’s highest-priced washers or ones utilized for drop-off laundry processing.

An adequate supply of $1 coins or tokens can be maintained at the counter for internal use or dispensed by hand to patrons. Feedback from customers and staff can help gauge if a changeover of additional machines or a full rollout of a new dollar coin or token payment format is warranted.

How are coins and tokens sorted?

Sorting is quick and easy. Bear in mind: Dollar coins mean fewer coins handled.

Economically-priced counter top units process mixed coin or token batches. Offsort units count a single denomination while sorting out others. “Rail style” units sort/count dollar coins, quarters, as well as tokens of various diameters into bins or bags. 

A minimum rated counting speed of 600 coins/minute should meet most single store needs. Sources for high speed counters/sorters are listed in the Going For The Gold educational brochure in the website’s Support section.

How do I select the right token?

Operators favor tokens close in diameter to $1 coins and quarters. “Golden” brass dollar-valued tokens are easily distinguished from quarters. Refer to the Coin and Token Diameter Reference Guide in the Going For The Gold educational brochure in the website’s Support section and contact a token manufacturer for assistance.

Will I get tokens from other businesses?

All token-operated or coin-operated businesses occasionally receive undesired tokens or foreign coins. The amount is a tiny fraction of the overall acceptance rate. A good strategy is to select token diameters that are not in wide circulation.

Can I get my store name or logo on tokens?

Customized options are available along with stock designs.

Can tokens be dispensed using credit and debit cards?

Yes. Options include either a dedicated self-service card-to-token dispenser or processing transactions over the counter. An ATM can also be employed, providing cash to customers who then proceed to a changer and obtain tokens.

What should I look for in selecting a multi-coin acceptor?

The laundry environment is harsh. Airborne lint, soap and dirt make their way into coin drops. Over time, this debris can adversely impact acceptance and separation of otherwise good coins, especially if optics or coils are relied upon to recognize and understand the coins.

By contrast, the acceptance of multiple coins and tokens that are manually – not electronically – separated in a roll-down design is not hindered to the same degree. Imonex remains the only manual multi-coin roll-down drop in the world, engineered to err on the side of acceptance, not rejection.

How can I get a quotation on Imonex multi-coin drops?

Imonex is supported by laundry equipment distributors ready to assist you with coin drop selection, pricing and installation.

Each Imonex drop is custom-designed to be coin and/or token specific at time of production. Operators desirous of flexibility in the future should consider selecting a drop manufactured to accept additional coin or token diameters.

What is the Warranty?

Imonex products come with a one-year limited warranty beginning on the date of shipment from Imonex. The warranty does not include vandalism.

What is Imonex’s Non-Warranty Return Policy?

We understand our standard of care goes beyond the initial purchase of Imonex coin acceptors.
In an effort to provide consistent service, we have made some changes in the way we will continue to process product returned to Imonex, whether for repair or cleaning:
  • All product returned to Imonex will require an Imonex issued RMA number PRIOR to being shipped. At this time, an Imonex associate may ask for an up to date credit card. This will be placed on file to cover repair and shipping costs.
  • All products still under warranty will be processed as a no charge. *Please note there are some instances, such as vandalism, that cannot be covered by Imonex Warranty.
  • All products no longer covered by warranty will incur a minimum half hour labor charge. This is standard for all repairs and cleaning.
Our sales department is eager to answer any of your questions. Should you need further assistance, please email them at sales@imonex.com or call 800-446-2719.
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