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Is coin pay a dinosaur?

You might be shocked to learn coin still dominates the laundromat world.  After all, how in the heck could such a progressive industry remain stuck on what many perceive as the dinosaur of pay? [...]

Coin-yes or coin-less

    What is it about coin-op pay? First there was July’s full-page magazine ad from a prominent card system supplier portraying a young store owner pulling out his hair alongside the [...]

The Great Divide

Sort or no sort? America’s laundromat owners are divided over separating coins. Single coin purists say no. They make sure only one denomination lands in the money box, even  if that means 40 [...]

Banking on Brass

You can count Kyle Behmlander among the newest generation of laundry owners embracing technological change. Inside the gleaming new Saucon Valley Laundromat in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, he [...]

Ten rockin’ token promos

    Nothing creates more buzz in laundromats than awesome promotions. Coin-ops are quite limited in what they can offer, but not token-ops. Check out these ten rockin’ token campaigns… [...]