Laundromat Pay Goes Round and Round

  Laundromat pay’s mixed messaging sure can be confusing. Card companies pitched ditching coins, then said keep them. Mobile app innovators wanted everyone to forget hardware and think [...]


Beating the quarter bandits

  Changers are caught in the middle of a tug of war at the laundromat. It’s there that you’ll find people pulling quarters while operators struggle to hang on to their precious [...]


What’s kickin’ at the kiosk?

  Laundromat pay kiosks have been around for decades.  What began with the simple push-pull of a coin slide spitting out wafer-thin wash tickets graduated to ones and fives being exchanged [...]


Making bank at the dryer bank

Dryer pricing resembles limbo dancing: Lower the minutes and you might take a tumble. The bar sure isn’t set very high when it comes to minutes-per-quarter on a 30-pounder. So I’ll ask: How low [...]


Time for your own money system?

  If there were any lingering doubts as to how big a role coin plays in the laundromat business, then the pandemic surely put those to rest.  In June, just as self-service laundry traffic [...]

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