Who has the last say in pay?

  Hybrid is all about consumer choice. So how come the most popular way to pay in laundromats is being forced out? Coin has anchored tandem setups on washers and dryers at thousands of [...]

Is coin pay a dinosaur?

You might be shocked to learn coin still dominates the laundromat world.  After all, how in the heck could such a progressive industry remain stuck on what many perceive as the dinosaur of pay? [...]

Plan B for Next-gen Laundromats

    Technology connects us. That is until it doesn’t.  Just ask Tesla owners whose batteries got drained in frigid Chicago weather.   Or Australians crippled by a massive 12-hour [...]

Giving coin a run for the money

      The race is on for second in laundromat pay. As always, first place goes to coin — dominating self-service vended laundry ever since trailblazers Eugene Farney and Arthur [...]

Coin-yes or coin-less

    What is it about coin-op pay? First there was July’s full-page magazine ad from a prominent card system supplier portraying a young store owner pulling out his hair alongside the [...]

The Great Divide

Sort or no sort? America’s laundromat owners are divided over separating coins. Single coin purists say no. They make sure only one denomination lands in the money box, even  if that means 40 [...]

Banking on Brass

You can count Kyle Behmlander among the newest generation of laundry owners embracing technological change. Inside the gleaming new Saucon Valley Laundromat in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, he [...]

What’s driving hybrid laundry pay?

  Laundromats are awash with coin and cash. Two-in-three operators say coinage drives the majority of self-service transactions at their store’s washers and dryers. How about pay station [...]

Ten rockin’ token promos

    Nothing creates more buzz in laundromats than awesome promotions. Coin-ops are quite limited in what they can offer, but not token-ops. Check out these ten rockin’ token campaigns… [...]

The game changer for change-making  

  Changers are incredible technological marvels. They’re by far the laundromat’s easiest and most user-friendly machinery.  Change-making works without any guidance, registration or prompts. [...]

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