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Imonexology is all about the coin and token operated business world.

Here, we relish in the simplicity of the self-service transaction where it’s not man against machine, but rather man and machine.

Customers want fast and easy. Operators want smooth and reliable. Whether it’s washing clothes, vacuuming a car or any of life’s other routine transactions, coins and tokens are the happy medium of exchange getting the job done.

Imonexology hands you a mixed bag of thoughtful conversation and quirky tidbits. Catch up with savvy entrepreneurs who put coins and tokens to work, as well as happening trends that can be felt in your money box.

I have a passion for self-service pay. Growing up in laundry I learned four quarters made a buck — and tokens made even more. Today, I’m aligned with a company where they put their hearts into ensuring coin flow builds your cashflow.

Enjoy the blog posts and feel free to reach out with your comments.

Imonexology - Laurance Cohen

Laurance Cohen is part of the Imonex team and welcomes inquiries on innovative payment solutions for your business.
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